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Ij Start Canon Faq

Ij Start Canon Faq

Ij Start Canon Faq
Ij Start Canon Faq

ij-start-canon.cc – Ij Start Canon Faq This the most question asked about printer

  • How can I check the version of PosterArtist I have?

Launch the version of PosterArtist that you have, and from the menu select Help > About PosterArtist to see the version number.

  • What is the PosterArtist Quick Guide and how can I access it?

The PosterArtist Quick Guide is a brief set of instructions on how to use PosterArtist in one PDF file. To open the Quick Guide, on the Windows taskbar, select Start > Programs > Canon PosterArtist > Quick Guide.

  • How can I print without borders?

To print without borders, in the Paper Options task, place a tick for Borderless Printing. If the roll paper width is different from the poster width, select Fit Long Side to Roll Width or Fit Short Side to Roll Width. Note that borderless printing is available on specified roll widths and is not available for cut sheets.

  • What is the ambient light setting?

Ambient light colour and brightness vary due to environmental factors such as location (indoors or outdoors) or lighting (fluorescent or incandescent). Therefore the same poster may look different depending on where it is displayed. The ambient light setting functions allow you to adjust colours automatically according to the environment so that the created poster’s colour tone looks appropriate for the lighting arrangement used for viewing.

Ij Start Canon Faq

  • What do I do about electrical waste and battery recycling?

View the approved list of collection sites near you. We do not accept returns of household electrical waste. However, in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations we facilitate the take-back of household WEEE through the Government approved “Distributor Take-Back Scheme” (DTS). WEEE regulations are designed to reduce environmental impact from electrical waste.

  • Can I transfer CarePAK PLUS to another person or transfer to a different product?
The original owner of the CarePAK PLUS may initiate a one-time transfer of ownership. You will be required to provide your registration number and a copy of your hardware sales receipt. Contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666). Please refer to “Transferability” in the Terms and Conditions for complete details  This plan cannot be transferred to a different product. Your CarePAK PLUS plan is tied to the serial number of the original covered product, or replacement product, if applicable.

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