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IJ Start Canon Lide 400

IJ Start Canon Lide 400

IJ Start Canon Lide 400
IJ Start Canon Lide 400

IJ-start-canon.cc – IJ Start Canon Lide 400 is the new flatbed scanner that replaces the LiDE 220 that was released years ago. All the scanners I’ve used in the last few years were the LiDE scanners from Canon. They perform well and are affordable, which is why I use them. In addition to the LiDE 400, there’s also the LiDE 300. The LiDE 300 is cheaper and has fewer document scanning features. In terms of image quality,

you can expect them to be similar so if you’re on a budget, you can consider the LiDE 300 over the LiDE 400. The LiDE 400 uses a USB Type C to Type A cable while the LiDE 300 uses the typical USB Type A to mini USB. Canon’s documentation says that the LiDE 400 cable cannot be used for other purposes but you most certainly can. That cable can be used to charge phones and transfer files. And if the cable is damaged

or lost, you can get a replacement easily. My review will be from the artist perspective so I’m not going to talk much about the document scanning features. In the photo above, those shortcut buttons are for scanning documents. There’s the ability to create PDFs automatically, scan and email, scan and save to cloud, auto scan with auto crop and rotate and more. These shortcut buttons have auto-correction

applied to the scans so the scans will beTter to look “nicer”. A detachable stand is included so that the scanner can be propped up and use less space on the table. I prefer laying the scanner flat on the table because I want to press down on the paper or sketchbook to get a proper scan. This scanner uses Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology for the scanner. This means whatever you are scanner should be in contact with the glass surface. If the paper is just 1mm off, the scan will be a blur. This scanner can only scan up to a maximum size of A4.

If you need to scan larger, you will have to scan multiple times and do the stitching yourself. There’s auto-stitching functionality in the driver, but there’s some auto-correction applied too. If you scan large often, consider the Epson 12000XL-GA which is priced the US $2000 and upwards. Unfortunately, high-quality A3 art scanners are rare, and Canon doesn’t make them. This was scanned with the Auto-Scan feature.

Note that the paper texture has been “erased”. To scan artworks, you should use the ScanGear feature from the driver. ScanGear is only available on Windows driver. For Mac users, to scan without auto-correction, use Image Capture instead. Image Capture comes pre-installed with Mac OS. Just do a search for it. The LiDE 400’s

kickstand not only makes this flatbed scanner look cool, but it also gives back premium desktop surface area. On crowded desktops where only a few inches to mouse around in here and there are valuable, the LiDE 400’s kickstand can help. Behind each Scan, Utility function resides a configuration dialogue box. Every aspect of the scan session and its results are handled from the Document Scan settings dialogue box.

IJ Start Canon Lide 400

  • Download / Installation Procedures
    1. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
    2. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, then installation will start automatically.
  • Uninstall Procedures
    If needed, you can uninstall this program using the Control Panel.
    Note :
    The steps below are for Windows 7. This procedure may be different for other OSes.
    1. On the Start menu, click Control Panel, and then, under Programs click Uninstall a Program
    2. A page will open with a list of installed programs. Double click on the program that you want to uninstall.
    3. Click “Yes” then “OK”, this will complete the uninstallation process.

CanoScan LiDE 400 Scanner Driver Ver.1.00 (Windows 64 BIT) Download

CanoScan LiDE 400 Scanner Driver Ver.1.00 (Windows 32 BIT) Download

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